Internet Marketing SEO: Why Is It Important?

If you are trying to promote something on the internet, be it your business, a product or service or a blog or website, you want to get as many of the right people looking at your content as possible. One way of doing this is by promoting links to your content using social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, which allow you to target specific groups of people who are likely to be interested in what you have to say or sell. Another is to bring in traffic via search engines.To get the most people possible finding your site as a result of internet searches, you want your content to appear as near to the top of the list as possible in searches for keywords relevant to what your site or product is about. This is called internet marketing SEO (SEO stands for search engine optimization).Although many search engines are available, the majority of people focus their efforts in internet marketing SEO on Google. Google has such a massive market share that if you can optimize your content for Google searches you are guaranteed to bring in visitors.Internet Marketing SEO is critical to the success of almost any online marketing strategy, even if your approach is heavily reliant on social media. You can’t ignore the power of Google when it comes to the way that the modern internet is used, and if your site is coming up way down there on page five when somebody searches for the exact thing you do best, you are going to miss out on that lead.So, how can you learn internet marketing SEO? The first step is to understand how Google works. Learn how Google ranks pages in search results, and consider how your existing content matches up to their criteria and how you can make it better. Internet marketing SEO is quite a precise science, because Google have designed their systems to look for the best results for their users, meaning it is very difficult to cheat their sophisticated analysis processes simply by overloading some content with keywords that don’t add any value to the reader.To truly use internet marketing SEO well, you shouldn’t be trying to fight against or trick Google’s systems, because even if you manage this, the people who visit your site won’t be impressed if the content doesn’t make sense or turns out to be irrelevant to their search so you won’t be doing your business any favors. Instead, work with Google, and try and use its rules to help you create content that is useful and engaging but also does well in searches – that is the true recipe for success in internet marketing SEO.If you want to learn from an expert, there are plenty of internet marketing SEO books, courses and online resources available, and it is even possible to get an accreditation in these techniques if it is something you are interested in doing professionally.

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Internet Marketing – A Way of Life

Internet Marketing is more than a phrase, it has become a way of life, but has it replaced the formal meaning, process, and execution of “marketing,” and are we seeing an as needed use and interpretation?
There is no question that the Internet has changed everything in our daily life, and even for those who hold on to the beliefs that “I will never get a computer or be a party to droves of useless communications via electronic mail.” We know that technology evolution and adaption is happening at a faster and faster pace. Even if you are not connected via a computer, you are affected by the mass amount of information that is extracted from the Internet via day-to-day conversations, radio news, or the printed media.
But, this is not about how technology and the Internet have impacted us. This is about how the Internet free market has adopted concepts, interpretations, phrases, and terms to meet their individual needs and uses.
The definition of marketing, for which there are many (search on “marketing definition” on your favorite search engine), and one in the Merriam-Webster dates back to 1561, all focus on the customer, process, functions, involvement, technique, and the business’ activity. These concepts have always, and will continue to be at the center of marketing, and the foundation of marketing is to sell products and services.
The bottom-line is that once you create a product or service and people ask about it, read about it, or find your website, you are marketing to them. The Internet has created a dynamic where you need to be ready to present your product to a customer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You have to establish a baseline consciousness for your product or service and establish an image and presence that you are comfortable with for prospective customers to read what they want and when they want.
So, yes, Internet Marketing is a way of life. It has to be, especially if you are a progressive company you have learned that you need an Internet Presence to connect with your customers. But, this does not mean a dynamic interpretation of what marketing is, and it does not mean that you can rewrite the definition to meet your needs.
The Internet is a tool, just like television, radio, and print media. They all created a way to connect with a customer, and knowing your customer and what television shows they may watch, what radio stations they may listen to, or what print media they read was essential to budgeting your marketing dollars to reach your customers. Each medium creates a different way to connect with a customer, and it requires that you create a plan of action, define an outcome, measure results, and review the results for inclusion or deletion in future budgets and plans.
Certain products and services have created a level of mystery with respect to the Internet, and this allows certain companies to dynamically create and interpret how they use the term “marketing” under the guise of Internet Marketing. A new product or service may not have a track record of how a customer will use it, and one of the most important components of marketing is to know your customer. But, many new products and services come at us with a tremendous amount of hype and fanfare. Thus, there is pressure that we need to act. Some companies are selling new concepts under the umbrella of “this is new marketing, this is Internet Marketing.”
Thus, what has changed? Nothing, except we now believe that because of the Internet we have to act faster, that we can take ideas to market quicker, and that if you are not in the know you are not progressive. Hogwash, as the saying goes.
There are differences when using the Internet to connect with your customers, such as, the Internet provides a platform for you to open up a dialogue with a customer, solicit their feedback, opinion, or have them sign up to be a passive but informed contact. This means that this Marketing channel, the Internet, requires a different focus and attention to manage how you communicate, what you communicate, and where you communicate with your customer. But, it has not replaced “Marketing,” it is just a new channel.
In the end, the elements of a good marketing campaign are still essential to being successful in attracting and retaining customers. So, do not get caught up in all the hype and hoopla. Keep a focus on what your company stands for; what you have to offer; and most of all, understand what your customer needs, who they are, and where you can find them. With an understanding of this information, you will be able to evaluate any new concept or idea to see if it fits your specific requirements, as well as how it may add to establishing a progressive Internet Presence.

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Affiliate Networking Tip – How To Double Your Earnings In A Week

Earning money while working at home and using the Internet, is merely not a way of interacting with other people, but would also serve as a source of money, and this would be an intriguing idea to many people since it sounds too good to be true.

Affiliate marketing is by no means a unique concept and since a lot of people have bought or even sold something over the Internet, it’s clear that achieving financial independence is not as hard as it seems.

How Exactly Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Just what exactly is affiliate marketing and how can you make money out of it. The basic concept sounds like this: the Internet is a big place and a producer needs a high profile to be successful, which means that the more people help promote its products for a cut of the action, the more money to be made. The producers need other people to play the role of virtual hawkers, while the people need money. Whenever a sale pushes through, the affiliate who directed the buyer gets a fixed sum, which is known in the industry as a commission.

The customer has a product, the producer is paid and the affiliate has his share of the profits. The more affiliates a producer can count on, the more sales it will generate, and more money will flow to the affiliates. This is why affiliate networks are better at making money online than individual marketers. The advantages are obvious for any affiliate.

How To Make More Money With An Affiliate Marketing Program

The first thing to remember when enlisting, is to be extra careful when joining an affiliate marketing network. If the program sells poor quality products, doesn’t give you support and, worse, they want you to pay them at the start, then this most likely is a scam that you should avoid.

Look out for high commissions, good-quality products that are backed by independent tests and complete of support from the managers. These three aspects are what you need to make money with an affiliate program. Also, be sure to follow these tips to enable you to earn double on your affiliate marketing programs.

- Build a good website. You can make one or several landing pages for your affiliate programs. You can promote a number of related affiliate programs from one website, to the same market.

- Ensure that you enlist in affiliate programs that give complete support. There are times when you have questions about a product you are selling or how to market it, and your sponsor should be able to give good support and assistance. The more successful you are, higher the profits they would also make.

- Drive a lot of traffic to your site. To effectively succeed as an affiliate marketer, it is important for you to drive high-value targeted traffic to your site. You can do this in several ways, through search engine submission, by advertising in e-zines and on websites where your targeted market can be regularly seen, join Google Adwords, put up a blog and do article distribution.

- Create a flashy, yet credible newsletter. Do not just construct your sponsor’s list. Build one of your own with a free newsletter. You can also build a subscription box on your website and visitors can sign up there. Also, offer a free bonus to encourage people to sign ups.

- Offer a bonus whenever people purchase from your link: Giving a valuable bonus to people who purchase from your link, will persuade them to buy from your sponsor using your link and create long-lasting relationships with your target markets.

- Look for programs that offer residual income: Whenever you’re choosing affiliate programs, try to look for those that offer a monthly income, and a good example of this would be selling membership sites.

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How To Build Trust and Increase Your Targeted Affiliate Revenue

A mark of a good business is increasing sales. This is also true in targeted affiliate programs. Increasing targeted affiliate revenue is an indication that your marketing strategy is effective. But don’t be complacent that your sales are up. You should strive for more improvements in your affiliate revenues by following these advanced know-how to further increase your sales and fatten your bank account.

Target public bulletin boards and forum sites that discuss topics related to your product. If you’re marketing computer software, search for public sites that have similar concerns. Present yourself as an expert on the subject. You will definitely have a complete grasp of the topics being discussed there because of your background in selling the product, which interest them. Participate actively by making advice and recommendations. Watch out for posts that specifically ask for help regarding certain concerns. Entertain their query, answer their questions, and make them comfortable with you. This is your build up stage. You are building their trust in you and establishing your integrity. Offer your articles and links to your websites.

From time to time, make an occasional announcement on the kind of products and affiliate programs that you offer but don’t do this often. It will also help if you offer download links that you think will create interest for your products. Another is to look for blogs that are related to your products. If you are selling food supplements, target the blogs that are dedicated to health and food concerns. Post comments on their blogs, but please, avoid outright criticisms. You may start a friendly debate and critical discussions. Treat yourself and your blogger friends as experts in the field and make meaningful posts on their blogs. You can now offer your links to them and an occasional promotional pitch.

These two methods are simple but you are creating a very concentrated and highly personalized marketing approach. In the end, you will not only generate increased earnings, you will also gain lots of online friends.

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Customs Auctions – Where Can I Find Them?

Customs auctions are places where you can pick up bargains providing you do two things right. Firstly know where to find them and secondly know what to do when you get there.

If you search for the term in a search engine you’ll see that there are a lot of government sites listing some of the sales, which by the way are almost always at public auction.

The major problem with using this method is that most of the information on sales can be up to 18 months old which is of no use to you!

What are Customs Auctions?

Customs auctions are great places to pick up really good bargains which can include imported motor bikes to beds that need assembling. A buddy of mine bought 900 bed frames for $1,100. These included brass models as well as black frame metal models. I know that he made quite some money on this deal as he paid off his car loan in one hit! However I do know that he went to several of these auctions before he got the opportunity that he was looking for.

One lady bought a consignment of 60 model airplane kits including engines for $450 she said she was going to pay someone to put them together and she reckoned that she was going to make about $50 on each – not bad for a days work!

I could go on and on as there are so many examples of people making a good living going to these sales. The strange thing is that few people know about them and even less want to know so it makes it ridiculously easy for those of us who want to make a quick honest buck! There is a catch though and this is important to note. The goods are sold on a cash basis.

Government auctions that are organized by the Department of Homeland Security will expect you to pay $5,000 cash on the day if the goods purchased reach that amount or go over it. This means that you should do your homework beforehand and if you do go to one of the auctions come prepared – find out before you go what their payment terms are!

Where do I find current Customs Auctions if the information is old?

The best method I have come across for finding customs auctions is to look for and join a membership site that lists all the current auctions, what type of auction it is i.e. repossession auction, car auction and of course customs auctions. What you will find is a ‘search facility’ that will save you a lot of time in finding the type of auction that best suits your needs.

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The Hunt Is Back On at Live Antique Auctions Online

If you’re like most antique collectors, you look at antique auctions online and wonder if you’ll ever buy from them. It’s not that the prices aren’t good; they are often better than what you can find at local tag sales and antique auctions. It’s not that the quality of the products is in doubt – many online dealers have excellent reputations and guarantee what they sell.

However, the one thing that is missing for some of us who love antiques is the hunt – where’s the fun of discovery when you simply look for things online? Well, we’re here to tell you the hunt is still very much alive, especially when you use a live online antique auction.

The Problem with Traditional Online Auctions

If you’ve considered buying from antiques auctions online in the past, odds are you’ve looked at eBay or one of the many copycats, perhaps some of those that specialize in antiques. However, all of these are, in essence, silent auctions and they lose a little something for many of us who collect antiques. Much of the love is lost because there is no thrill of discovery and even the thrill of winning out in feverish bidding is often snatched away from us because so many people use bid sniping services which swoop in during the last 10 seconds of an auction and place a bid that no one else can outdo just in order to discourage competition.

The Hunt is On

Live online auctions are a different animal entirely though. Unlike the eBay stores that we know will always have the ancient coins or the antique silver because they are run by galleries who specialize in those things, when you look at a live auction online, you are in essence seeing a tag sale ported entirely to the Internet.

Nothing is ever the same because these companies deal primarily with estate sales, clearing out someone’s home when they pass away, or clearing out a business office when it closes down. Therefore, there is always something new and unique to discover each week when another auction is held and the hunt is definitely very much back on.

Bidding is the Same

But what of the bidding? That too is just like the real experience. First of all, when you go to a live auction, there is a real, live auctioneer who holds a local state license to operate an auction. You are not dealing with someone working from their home who knows little or nothing about the object.

Second, you are guaranteed the same kind of real and fair bidding that you see at a live auction since no one can swoop in and place a last second bid which steals an object away from you. In essence, live antique auctions online are, as we said, is an exact replica of the physical experience, just on the Internet.

Same Guarantees as Traditional Auctions

Finally, just like a traditional auction house, an online auction house does some research on the objects they will be presenting and they usually prepare a catalog (albeit an online catalog as opposed to a printed one). If they state that an object is a genuine 19th century antique and it later turns out to be a fake, they will take it back and give you a refund, just like a real auction house.

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A Government Car Auction Versus Other Types

There are many methods through which you can acquire a vehicle, the first one being purchasing. But there are others such as a government auction, salvage auctions and repossessed auctions. All these are sources of vehicles on an “as is” basis. This simply means that should you acquire a vehicle though either repossessed auctions, salvage auctions or a government auction you do not get to blame anybody once you in the end find out that it is a faulty one. You do not even have the legal backing to claim that you were awarded a faulty vehicle.

A government car auction is the type which is held by various government departments in a bid to liquidate those vehicles which are no longer in use or those which are not needed. The vehicles can be drawn from different government sources, and this type of auction is in no way different from both the salvage auctions and repossessed auctions in the sense that all are open to dealers and the public. But the repossessed auctions and salvage auctions are the ones which give the public a wide range of vehicles from which to choose.

In other words, industrial vehicle models are not easily found in a government car auction, though they are quite common in other types of car auction. Private contractors find a government auction as opposed to repossessed car auctions being their favorite hunting grounds. Salvage car auctions are also not the best hunting grounds for such people owing to the fact that vehicles such as garbage vehicles and even dump trucks are not easily available. It is important to however note that those auctions conducted by federal or state governments can also be conducted online. The traditional way of doing it is preferred by most governments.

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Getting Your Bid On – Auctions Are Waiting

If you’re someone that loves the thrill off the auction block with all the chaos and live adrenaline down to the wire then you might question whether an online auction would actually be interesting. Why bid online since auctions are supposed to be attended? That just means you have to sit at your computer for all hours of the day.

Not so, there’s certainly more to the online bid auction than meets the eye.

The Power of Convenience

Whether you’re a collector of fine antique goods or you’re trying to find the best deal on modern electronics or other goods then you’re bound to find a bid auction for it online. In many cases those items can be found at niche specific or broad range penny auctions & pay-per-bid auctions.

In the world of “real auctions” where you bid on site, there are certainly some great items to be found but considering the size of the U.S. and the number of auctions you’re bound to miss out because you can’t be in two places at once. Online bid auctions make it easy for you to do just that – hit up multiple auctions at the same time with your trigger finger and eagle eye. With the right strategy, the convenience of online bidding can help you take home a lot of great deals.

With online auctions you never have to worry about getting there, timing the trip, having money on hand or scheduling previous engagements. You handle business on your schedule.

Doing Business Like a Ghost in Online Bid Auctions

Once you’re registered on the auction site and you’ve got your bids purchases, then you can learn the power of absentee bidding. Of course the most fun comes from pumping your fist after you triumphantly win an online auction sitting in front of it, but you can make a go of auctions without setting foot outside of your property…while mowing the grass.

Absentee Bidding

There will be situations where you’ve got things to do and errands to run and you just can’t participate in the auctions that you spot. Rather than losing out on quality goods, memorabilia, antiques, electronics and more just get to work on absentee bidding strategies. The top pay per bid auction sites will offer an auto-bidder for you that will let you set specific parameters on the auctions. Specifically, the max you want to pay and the total number of bids you want to place. This is one of the best ways to master any kind of a bid auction without being glued to your computer.

During the auction you can rest assured that your bid will be raised over the other bidders automatically until you either win the item or you hit your cap and the bidding continues.

The convenience of the online auction is amazing, and the discounts available in bid auctions far exceed those that can be found on a typical auction block or even a website like eBay. In many auctions the discount is fairly low – just under retail. With pay per bid auction not only do you get the convenience of bidding at home but you’ll start winning items at a discount of as much as 95-100% off. Those kinds of savings just can’t be beat.

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Why Should You Comply With Environmental Law?

Apart from avoiding criminal sanctions there are economic justifications for compliance with environmental law. In short, the market has been shown to reward firms that protect the environment. Indeed, current research shows that consumers will not look favourably at companies and the goods and services they provide if they cause environmental harm or are indifferent to ecological problems. Likewise, companies that take environmental concerns seriously may be supported by consumers. This is evident even in such a consumption culture as our own, with the growing acceptance of the need for sustainable business development that better protects the environment and encourages greater social responsibility. This can be seen in three thousand well-known companies joining the UNO Global Compact program during first five years of its existence. According to this voluntary pact, business organizations are encouraged to work within the principles of people’s rights, employees’ rights, environment protection and anti-corruption.

Research also shows that environmental regulations provide a stimulus for innovation and productivity because it encourages firms to invest in research and development to develop less polluting products. It is equally evident that environmental law is associated with the wider issue of sustainable development, and that firms which proactively encourage compliance and support sustainable development can gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

For example, Standard Chartered is one of a huge number of financial institutions who have moved into sustainable banking. It is a London based bank but its income comes primarily from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, which are the regions that suffer from poverty, disease and environmental issues. The bank recognised that there was a direct relationship between social issues and its profits. In 1999, 10 percent of its employees in Kenya missed work because of HIV and AIDS, which affected its business. In response, Standard Chartered began a global community campaign that seeks to raise awareness about HIV and prevention of its further spread. Its skills and resources enabled the bank to officially pledge to educate 1 million people about the disease by 2009. The bank has a similar campaign that targets the restoration of sight. These programs not only offer huge benefits to the communities in which they operate but they also create a good reputation for the bank. Both programs are a core part of the bank’s sustainability strategy to promote economic growth. As finance director Richard Meddings explains, ”The cost of treatment is often small but the impact on the person and their ability to contribute to the community is huge.” The community, of course, includes branches of Standard Chartered, whose profits rely on healthy and efficient workforce. Standard Chartered is joined by companies such as Nestle´ and Microsoft in its practice of the most effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Both these latter corporations have similarly recognised that their profits depend on their communities, and thus both have put considerable resources into targeting social problems in the areas in which they operate.

In all these cases it can be argued that firms have gone beyond what is legally required of them because it makes commercial sense to do so. The role for business is therefore not just to comply with the regulations but to innovate and go beyond what is legally required in order to reduce pollution further and to protect human life.

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Living Health and Fitness, Eating Healthy on Vacation

Even though you want to eat healthy while you are traveling it is easy to give into the temptation to grab a pizza for dinner and maybe an ice cream cone here and there. There are ways to watch what you eat while you are traveling or on vacation. All you have to do is use a little bit of will power and you will feel good about yourself and feel good too as you are truly living health and fitness.

If you are flying it is even easier than ever to watch your food consumption because most of the airlines no longer offer food or even a snack any more. You will need to be a bit cautious during layovers, because there are lots of junk food options available in the terminal while you sit and wile away the time waiting for your connecting flight. Just keep in mind that your objective is to be living health and fitness.

If you are driving it can become a bit more challenging. Fast food is everywhere, and if you are in a rush to get somewhere, faster is better. There are a couple of things that can save you though. One thing you can do is pack some vegetables on ice and put them in a cooler to go in the car with you. This is a far better means of replenishing your nourishment than relying on some greasy spoon along the way.

Once you arrive at your hotel you will want to ignore the mini-bar all together. Don’t even accept the key as it would be way too tempting. If your hotel serves a continental breakfast you should eat only the fruits and cereals and avoid the pastries. If there is a microwave and a refrigerator in your room, you will be able to prepare the meals that you have brought with you in your cooler.

If you find it hard to fix three square meals a day try to fit in six smaller meals or snacks as your body needs fuel every four hours or so. It is important not to miss any meals. When it is possible try to avoid large meals at night. When your body gets ready for sleep your metabolism slows down and burns calories at a much slower rate. It is best to choose fish or poultry with a vegetable as a side dish.

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