Getting Your Bid On – Auctions Are Waiting

If you’re someone that loves the thrill off the auction block with all the chaos and live adrenaline down to the wire then you might question whether an online auction would actually be interesting. Why bid online since auctions are supposed to be attended? That just means you have to sit at your computer for all hours of the day.

Not so, there’s certainly more to the online bid auction than meets the eye.

The Power of Convenience

Whether you’re a collector of fine antique goods or you’re trying to find the best deal on modern electronics or other goods then you’re bound to find a bid auction for it online. In many cases those items can be found at niche specific or broad range penny auctions & pay-per-bid auctions.

In the world of “real auctions” where you bid on site, there are certainly some great items to be found but considering the size of the U.S. and the number of auctions you’re bound to miss out because you can’t be in two places at once. Online bid auctions make it easy for you to do just that – hit up multiple auctions at the same time with your trigger finger and eagle eye. With the right strategy, the convenience of online bidding can help you take home a lot of great deals.

With online auctions you never have to worry about getting there, timing the trip, having money on hand or scheduling previous engagements. You handle business on your schedule.

Doing Business Like a Ghost in Online Bid Auctions

Once you’re registered on the auction site and you’ve got your bids purchases, then you can learn the power of absentee bidding. Of course the most fun comes from pumping your fist after you triumphantly win an online auction sitting in front of it, but you can make a go of auctions without setting foot outside of your property…while mowing the grass.

Absentee Bidding

There will be situations where you’ve got things to do and errands to run and you just can’t participate in the auctions that you spot. Rather than losing out on quality goods, memorabilia, antiques, electronics and more just get to work on absentee bidding strategies. The top pay per bid auction sites will offer an auto-bidder for you that will let you set specific parameters on the auctions. Specifically, the max you want to pay and the total number of bids you want to place. This is one of the best ways to master any kind of a bid auction without being glued to your computer.

During the auction you can rest assured that your bid will be raised over the other bidders automatically until you either win the item or you hit your cap and the bidding continues.

The convenience of the online auction is amazing, and the discounts available in bid auctions far exceed those that can be found on a typical auction block or even a website like eBay. In many auctions the discount is fairly low – just under retail. With pay per bid auction not only do you get the convenience of bidding at home but you’ll start winning items at a discount of as much as 95-100% off. Those kinds of savings just can’t be beat.

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